At Seliga Heating and Cooling, we provide affordable, efficient, heating services to St. Louis, Missouri residents and those in the surrounding areas. With just a short, simple phone call, you can soon enjoy brand-new equipment that will save you money on your utilities.

Our staff cares about you and your family, and we want you to feel completely comfortable with our team and our work. If you’d like to learn more about our heating services call (314) 481-7333. And don’t forget to ask about our free quote and comfort analysis.

When you contact our team at Seliga Heating and Cooling, we will provide you with plenty of great options. We have a number of gas-fired, multi-stage, and variable-speed furnaces that will fit your home and your budget.

All of our furnaces have at least an 80% efficiency rating, and many more work at up to 97% efficiency. The more efficient your furnace, the less you spend to heat your home every month. Soon, your new furnace will pay for itself in savings.

Once you’ve chosen a new furnace, you can count on us for quick furnace installation.

We’ll send our fully equipped and trained technicians to your home, and we’ll get right to work to minimize the interruption to your day. We’ll use tarps and shoe covers to ensure your home stays as neat and clean as we found it.

After we’ve finished, we’ll back our work completely. Very rarely do our customers experience a problem with their new systems, but if you would for some reason have a problem, you can rest assured we will be right out to remedy the situation. We provide the best warranty service of any company in St. Louis.

Most modern boilers last approximately 20-25 years before they need replacement. However, heavy usage and poor maintenance significantly decrease your boiler’s lifespan. If you’ve noticed loud popping noises, high utility bills, or inconsistent water temperatures, your unit likely needs repair or replacement.

At Seliga Heating and Cooling, we offer boiler repair and installation throughout St. Louis, Missouri. When you call our team, we can quickly determine problems with your unit and can recommend both short-term and long-term options that will save you the most money.

Improve Your Boiler’s Efficiency

Although boilers may last for over a decade before they fail completely, you may want to consider swapping your unit a little early if you want to lower your utility bills. New boiler systems often have an 82% to 95% energy efficiency, whereas older systems may only work at 50% to 70% efficiency.

Our technicians can quickly replace your old, dirty boiler for a newer model with minimal interruption to your busy schedule. And after our initial boiler installation, we can provide routine safety checks and maintenance to ensure your new unit performs at optimum efficiency.

If you want to lower your utility bills, a heat pump may be just what you need to stay within budget. Heat pumps are an energy-efficient appliance that absorbs heat from the environment and then transfers it directly to your home.

At Seliga Heating and Cooling, we want you to save money, so we offer reliable heat pumps from the most popular manufacturers. Once you’ve selected your new appliance, our team can quickly install it to ensure smooth, energy-efficient performance.

Stay Comfortable with a New Heat Pump

Outdoor heat pumps couple with your indoor electric furnace while replacing your air conditioner. During chilly weather, heat pumps provide warm air. Once the temperature drops below freezing, your electric furnace will then kick in. And during warm weather, the heat pump transfers heat out of your house so you stay cool.

This hybrid system gives you the opportunity to switch between two energy sources, so you can react fluidly to changes in the weather. Additionally, your unit will help you avoid temperature fluctuations, so your home feels consistently comfortable.

When you choose a new heat pump from Seliga Heating and Cooling, you can lower your energy bills year round. If you have questions about our heat pump installation process, feel free to speak to one of our representatives. Ameren rebates up to $950 and there are tax credits for up to $2,000 on qualifying systems.

Every time you shower, wash the dishes, or run a load of laundry, you require hot water. And when your hot water heater breaks down, it can be an irritating and even difficult situation.

Don’t settle for a cold shower-call Seliga Heating and Cooling right away for professional services in St. Louis, Missouri. We expertly repair and service water heaters, and if you’re looking to install or replace your appliance, we can offer advice on what works best for your home.

Exceptional Service

Over the years, conventional water heaters have steadily become more efficient with sealed combustion chambers and added insulation around the tank. If you’re thinking of updating or replacing your current unit, our team can capably handle the installation to leave you with lower utility bills and a more reliable unit.

We can also install or replace tankless water heaters, which heat water immediately for an endless hot water supply. No matter which option you choose, we offer swift, professional installations.

If your current water heater is acting up or simply needs a little maintenance, our knowledgeable technicians can also service and repair all kinds of models. Should yours require extensive repairs, we may recommend replacing the appliance entirely.

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